Gain the optimum range for your eBike or eScooter

Lithium-Ion batteries are proven to have the highest energy density, smallest dimensions and lowest weight in use with personal transportation vehicles like eBikes and eScooters. By using high energy and high power cells our battery packs ensure enormous power and maximum riding enjoyment. Wide range of models are available as a rack battery in hard case or a frame battery in soft case. All our Li-Ion batteries are equipped with an intelligent battery management system that maximizes the operational reliability and cycle-life of the battery.

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Outstanding battery efficiency

When you are looking for a reliable source for your battery, Dan-Tech's experts are available to help you reduce development risk and bring high-quality products to market faster.

High quality Li-ion batteries

Enormous power & high capacity

Wide range of models

Hard or soft case

Intelligent battery management system (BMS), which recognizes potential sources of error and protects the cells from overload

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