Energy Storage Solutions

Keep the energy running

Dan-Tech's Li-Ion and LiFePO4 battery energy storage systems are integrated lithium ion or lithium iroh phosphate battery packs with smart BMS control system. Based on excellent cell technology, our innovations make your energy storage system more enhanced and valuable. With its integration, miniaturization, light- weight, intelligent centralized monitoring, battery maintenance and management, are widely applied in remote access network equipment, remote switch unit, mobile communication, transmission equipment, home storage and other areas as a backup power supply.

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Enhance Your Power Protection

For different power duration requirement, from small-scale portable systems to industrial backup units and utility-scale applications, you can find the most contemporary energy storage systems and join the renewable energy revolution.

Developing custom solutions for wide range of applications

High efficiency, long lifespan and low maintenance

Increased cell capacity

High thermal stability

Longer life cycle

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